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Scratches on your car finish may seem unimportant, but they can cause lasting damage if not fixed We can help make sure that your car doesn’t suffer from rust and we pride ourselves on making your vehicle look as good as new with our range of water based paints and the latest colour matching technology. 

Water Based Paints

Water based paints are the modern solution for car refinishing due to their significantly improved environmental impact, containing less toxic chemical components.


Bake Cycle

Our bake cycle technology allows us to give you the perfect finish for your new paint job or repair. With expert knowledge, we ensure that our processes deliver the best possible service so you know your paint job will last.

Colour Matching Technology

It is critical that repairs match the current colour of your vehicle as closely as possible. We have advanced colour matching technology to ensure that your vehicle’s finish is as consistent as possible and we want to make sure that you drive away in style.

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